Add an additional Stage Pro-8 Wireless Main Unit to get more loops!


FXC Stage Pro-8 Main unit offers 4 Analog true bypass channels in a 1U rack  that controls Effect pedals and Amplifiers.


FXC Stage Pro-8 main unit is designed to rack easily in touring cases. This system does not pass audio and purifies the audio signal of the effect pedal and guitar signal.The Stage Pro-8 main unit is controlled by the Stage Pro-8 Wireless Pedalboard(s) or Stage Pro-8 Wireless Body Pack controller(s). The FXC main unit is equipped with 4 true bypass analog channels that isolate your effect pedals while in true-bypass mode. In addition the system offers an A/B Channel for amp switching, dual parallel outputs, redundant power outputs, mute function, two designated Tap/Tempo channels, built in noise gate, buffer switch and additional switch functions. The Stage Pro-8 main unit weighs around 1lb and is housed in a rugged alumimun chasis. 


For the guitarist/bassist your effects, audio cables and power cables are removed from the floor. When utilizing the Stage Pro-8, players can add and place multiple FXC Stage Pro-8 wireless pedalboards anywhere without running cables or power. Simple setup, turn them (on) and rock.


In additon to the Stage Pro-8 capabilities, Instruments can be outfitted with FXC Stage Pro-8 Body Pack effect controllers. These body packs can be used when a player is away from the pedalboard or for techs backstage to switch the pre configured main unit channels. Each guitar and backup guitar can have their own controller attached to the strap to provide further control. These body packs do not pass audio, they are switch controllers. 


Technical Specifications:

  • Proprietary FXC True Analog Bypass “Transparent” Wireless Audio Switching Controller.
  • 100% True-Analog Proprietary signal path is equivalent to less than 12” of high quality studio audio cable.
  • FXC proprietary Custom Microprocessor Algorithms ensure the fastest, latency-free system operation available
  • FXC Proprietary FCC certified internal 2.4GHz receiver interface.
  • 4.2 Billion Security Codes ensures secure operation across the globe.
  • Exceeds 275ft in wireless range.
  • Custom FXC noise-canceling discriminate technology ensures interference-free operation.
  • Proprietary FXC Custom Engineered Klick Killer to reduce clicks that common pedals suffer from.
  • Proprietary FXC Buffer switch for vintage analog pedals.
  • Proprietary FXC Learn Function. Ability to “Learn” up to as many wireless pedalboards or wireless body pack effects controllers as needed.
  • Proprietary Failsafe Protection Feature (Audio pass-through during power loss/unit powered off).
  • Proprietary wireless FXC Patch programing, scenes and bank memory selections: Eliminate tap dancing.
  • 8 True-Bypass configurable channels.
  • Each channel is configurable for 3 modes of operation: Patch Banks (Eliminates tap dancing as with conventional pedals), Momentary (for fast action like tap tempo) and Toggle (like a standard On/Off pedal).
  • Remote Dip Switching: Set each wireless controller to control specific effects pedals and rig settings
  • 100% Passive Analog signal path
  • Audio path effectively remains “Hard-Wired” at all times, never digitally manipulated.
  • System mute function
  • Audio MUTE using our custom “Soft Mute” system
  • Wirelessly control Tap/Tempo
  • A/B Channel Switching.
  • Control amp channel switching. A/B, Clean/Dirty, Etc...
  • Easily consolidate commonly stacked/chained effects into groups for quick, one-step switching. Eliminates multiple stomps “Tap Dance”.
  • TAP feature allows wireless control of tap/tempo features of echo, delay, and looper pedals.
  • FXC uses only the Highest Quality input & output jacks.
  • All ¼” jacks are secured in place soldered to ensure long service life and NO solder fractures.
  • ¼” Normally Open or Normally Closed switch interfaces for A/B or similar switch control needs.
  • Powered by a Regulated supply that is Dual Stage Filtered and Regulated for stable, quiet, and noise-free operation.
  • Systems can offer MIDI control with custom orders.
  • Each unit is assembled by hand and factory tested to the highest standards.
  • Made and Engineered in the USA.
  • 1 year guaranteed Manufacturing Warranty on parts.
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Stage Pro-8 Wireless Looper

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