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Purchase includes:

Stage Pro 8X wireless rack mountable effects looper

Stage Pro 8X wireless pedalboard effects pedals controller


Stage Pro-8X Wireless Main Unit is an 8 channel true bypass, 1U rack mountable looper that controls Effect pedals and Amplifiers.


FXC Stage Pro 8X main unit is designed to rack easily in touring cases. This system does not pass audio and purifies the audio signal of the effect pedal and guitar signal. The Stage Pro 8X main unit is controlled by the Stage Pro-8X Wireless Pedalboard(s) or Stage Pro 8X Wireless Body Pack controller(s). The FXC main unit is equipped with 4 true bypass analog channels that isolate your effect pedals while in true-bypass mode. In addition the system offers an A/B Channel for amp switching, dual parallel outputs, redundant power outputs, mute function, two designated Tap/Tempo channels, built in noise gate, buffer switch and additional switch functions. The Stage Pro 8X main unit weighs around 1lb and is housed in a rugged alumimun chasis. 


FXC Stage Pro 8Xpedalboard is a patch programmable, expandable controller. This system does not pass audio and sends data commands to control the Stage Pro 8X main looper. System offers 7 patch programmable switches, master mute, 2 tap tempo that allows artists to set bpm's or for scrolling. The Stage Pro 8X offers both momentary switching and toggle/latch switching. FXC systems are used by Professional Guitarist, Bassists, Vocalists, Recording Studios and in live performances. The Stage Pro-8 provides artists a shorter set up and break down time, eliminates snakes/ long cable runs, purifies tone, eliminates tap dancing, power cables and audio cables.


  • Wirelessly control your effects pedals, tap tempo and amplifier channels


    Wireless control up to 300 feet


    Patch programming, Momentary and Toggle modes


    True bypass transparant audio


    Cross talk technology for additonal wireless controllers


    Pro touring choice

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