Our U.S. company proudly works directly with our clients to successfully provide the following contractual manufacturing and engineering services.


For manufacturing inquires please contact or 1-888-392-3776


Since 2012, FXC specializes in USA engineering, manufacturing and licensing of hardwired and wireless electronic components, modules, printed circuit boards and products for both consumers and businesses. 


  • Contract Engineering

  • Product Design

  • Software Engineering

  • Hardware Engineering

  • Wireless Modules

  • Component parts/BOM

  • Printed Circuit Board Design

  • Printed Circuit Board Layout

  • Printed Circuit Board Schematic Capturing

  • Mechanical Design

  • CNC Fabrication

  • Machining

  • General Engineering Services

  • Prototyping

  • USA Based Design and Assembly

  • Testing and Evaluation

  • OEM Services

  • Consulting Services

USA Engineering, Printed Circuit BoardsDesign/Layout,Software,Manufacturing
Mechanical Design, CNC Fabrication, Color Finishing
USA Design, Final Assembly and
Test Evaluation

All engineering, software coding, pcb design/layout, schematic capture, pcb un-pop/populated manufacturing, module design, evaluation, final assembly, final test and full scale production is proudly done in the USA.

All mechanical design, cnc fabrication, evaluation, final powder coating, anodizing, silk screen, assembly and full scale production is proudly done in the USA.

All  product design, product testing, evaluation, final assembly is proudly done in the USA.