FXConnectx® llc, is a U.S. based electronics engineering, prototyping, product development and licensing company based out of Southern California.

Originating in 2012, FXC Electronics has specialized in engineering and product development of hardwired and wireless electronic devices. Our engineering and licensing capabilities that support businesses include, but are not limited to, product development, product re-engineering, fully developed wireless product lines, hardwired product lines, populated/un-populated PCB boards, PCB layout, PCB design, Schematic capturing, first article prototyping, mechanical design, CNC fabrication, machining, engineering services, OEM services, test/evaluation, final assembly and full scale production and Assembled in the USA. This division within our company is to pursue engineering and development of-proprietary, cutting-edge hardwired and wireless innovations.We provide comprehensive international and domestic products with partnerships in over 10 countries for B2B businesses, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, talent, corporations and consumers.

Licensing: Our companies intellectual property portfolio comprising of both utility patents and restricted trademarks are available to businesses for license. Areas of business licensing opportunities include, but are not limited to, B2B co-op product development, licensing FXC wireless/hardwired electronic product lines, licensing FXC intellectual property patents, trademarks portfolio and licensing FXC technology for integration. 

FXC thanks you for your time and for your support to our family operated company.